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The Girl - Lijitua

Mélida was only 9 when guerrilla fighters lured her away with the promise of food as she played on the floor. For the next seven years she was held hostage by the rebels, forced to become a child soldier. Her family thought she had died in battle. Then Mélida suddenly returned to her village at 16, carrying a pistol and a grenade.  

Fatmagul - Kitat

Fatmagul is the tragic story of young woman engaged to be married.But after being shamed by a dreadful act,she is forced to remain silent and to marry one of the men who has committed this terrible deed.she wants nothing more than to forget about her past the story becomes more complicated when her ex-fiancée follows her to Istanbul.

Kuzey Güney - Kuzi Guni

Kuzey Güney is a Turkish drama telling the story of two brothers who couldn't be more different. Kuzey is fearless and unpredictable, while Güney is calm and a good student. The only thing these brothers have in common is their love for Cemre. Kuzey falls in love with Cemre not knowing that Güney and Cemre are in love with each other.

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